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Top Trends in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is undergoing a revolution as digital photography takes over from film. The styles, poses, and effects that can be created today are limitless, and couples are taking advantage. Today’s wedding photo album is a far cry from the series of stiff poses from years gone by.
Arts > Photography | November 11, 2010

Dark Room Photography Basics

With digital cameras on the rise and film quickly taking a back seat, this article helps remind us why the dark room is so much fun. In this article, you'll learn the basic principles of printing photographs in a dark room environment.
Arts > Photography | March 28, 2010

Photography Course Online - Take Stunning Sunset Shots On Your Vacation!

I have just returned from my ninth trip to Barbados. One of the great advantages of taking my vacation here is the opportunity to photograph the wonderful sunsets. This photography course online article uses my experiences to pass on some helpful tips if you want to make the most of the sun going down on your holiday.
Arts > Photography | March 28, 2010

Three Photography Marketing Secrets You Should Know

There are three photography marketing secrets you should know. These three secrets are life-changing, and no one has probably ever revealed them to you - until now.
Arts > Photography | March 25, 2010

Wedding Photography - Why What You See May Not Always Be What You Get

Yorkshire wedding photographer and industry expert Sharon Malone highlights one of the pit-falls of choosing a wedding photographer without doing your homework.
Arts > Photography | March 24, 2010

Photography Course Online - Discover How To Take Stunning Black And White Portraits!

We have all taken portraits of our favourite family member or friend. Usually, these are recorded in colour. However, a black and white portrait can be almost timeless, certainly classy and can create flattering effects on an otherwise unflattering subject. This photography course online article considers the magical world of monochrome portraits, providing guidance to help you when taking your images.
Arts > Photography | March 24, 2010

Photography 101 - Shutter Speed and Aperture Basics

Without a doubt camera aperture and shutter speed are two of the most misunderstood photography subjects. In this article, get a detailed overview about these two topics so you can fully understand how to use them to take great photographs.
Arts > Photography | March 23, 2010

Basics of Digital Photography Printing

If you love taking digital pictures but don't know much about how to properly print out your pictures, then this article is for you. Learn all about pixels and how you can get a good quality picture the next time you want to print one out.
Arts > Photography | March 21, 2010

Photography Marketing Checklist For Your Photo Success

Whether you like it or not, how well you craft your marketing and sales efforts will determine the level of success you achieve with your photography. Here's a great checklist.
Arts > Photography | March 20, 2010

Wedding Photographers, Professional Or Pretender

Sharon Malone gives a brief outline of what to look for and expect when choosing a wedding photographer with special emphasis on what not to scrimp on when the photography budget is limited.
Arts > Photography | March 20, 2010