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Top Trends in Wedding Photography

For many couples, wedding photography begins well before the big day, with couples choosing engagement photos taken in unusual settings rather than the old-fashioned studio portraits. Some couples choose unconventional looks, such as tender poses against gritty urban walls covered with graffiti. Others choose beautiful natural settings, while still others may choose fantasy-like settings, such as a traveling carnival for engagement photos. These unconventional pre-wedding photos often make for a wonderful contrast to the romantic pictures of the big day itself.

One of the hottest trends in current wedding photography is photo-journalistic style wedding photography. The photographer takes pictures as if he or she is covering a fascinating news story, using unusual angles and candid shots rather than stiff, formal poses. Many couples love how well this style of photography captures their wedding day. Sure, there will be a few bad pictures, but with digital photography, they are easily deleted, and any photographer worth his or her salt will take a huge number of photos –enough for there to be many beautiful shots the couple will want to display for a lifetime.

Most couples who choose the photo-journalistic style of wedding photography will also have the photographer make a selection of more posed, formal portraits, for the sake of including the entire wedding party together in some of the pictures.

Many brides will choose to have a photo shoot prior to the wedding that is done in a style similar to high fashion magazines like Vogue. A top photographer can set up a studio shoot that turns the bride-to-be into a model for a day, creating a collection of dramatic, beautiful, and memorable photos reminiscent of Helmut Newton’s work for the world’s top fashion magazines.

An added benefit of today’s digital photography is that the same photographer who takes the pictures during the ceremony can often set up a slideshow of the wedding photos during the reception and project them on a wall of the venue for the crowd to enjoy.

Another great trend in wedding photography actually takes place at the reception. Many couples are renting a photo booth for wedding guests to use during the reception. These are terrific fun, and the newly married couple receives a CD or DVD full of all the photo booth shots after the reception is over. Guests love having these pictures as wedding keepsakes, and some booths have monitors on the outside on which the photo booth photos can be presented as an ongoing slideshow.

Wedding photography is far more fun and relaxed than it used to be, taking some of the pressure of the occasion itself. Largely due to the amazing advances of digital photography, wedding photographs are more individualized and more meaningful than ever before.