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Bucket Trucks - What to Look for When Buying

Bucket trucks are extremely valuable to anyone who has ever used one professionally. Not only are they an advantage they are a requirement in today’s competitive market. And, to stay ahead of your competition you need a quality bucket truck that will last. Certainly, if you are reading this article you understand that a solid truck will make your company more efficient and as a result increase profits. The first few questions you should ask will be something like: where should I look for a solid, dependable bucket truck for the best price possible? What kind of things will my bucket truck be used for? Should I think about buying a truck for the long term and if so which one is best?

To answer the first question I recommend looking online as well as meeting other people that own and use bucket trucks, digger derricks, or pressure diggers depending on what you’re looking for. The internet will give you ton of information about those trucks, the places to buy them, and where they are located. The hardest part is to sorting out the trustworthy dealers from the untrustworthy ones. When you go to buy or rent, I highly suggest talking with the guys at Southwest Equipment. They have been around for a long time and have great customer service. Southwest Equipment sells good quality bucket trucks (inluding reconditioned), digger derricks, and pressure diggers. Every truck they have comes with a 2 year warranty.

When it comes to investing in a bucket truck, your decision rests mostly on what type of work you’ll need to get done and how high you’ll need to be. You could pay considerably more for a 60’ lift so know ahead of time if you only work on 40’ high trees. You have to know ahead of time how much of a truck you’re going to need

You absolutely want to plan for the long term when buying a bucket truck. You should choose a high quality truck that will be reliable and can fit into your budget. After all, you don’t want to be 50 feet in the air and have something break. Look into buying fleet or program trucks. The fleet trucks are usually maintained impeccably by the company that owned them before. Fleet trucks provide quality for a lower price. Make sure to check over the main parts of the truck from engine to tires to transmission before you purchase. The last thing you want to do is buy a truck that needs to have something fixed immediately. Remember you can’t make money if you’re truck is getting worked on. Certainly doing your homework is part of your big investment so be on your toes and look for the best deal and you should be on your way to getting lots of lucrative jobs.

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