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Web Development Company offers php web application

OpenXcell is expert in the field of open source services specially in PHP Web Development using cakephp development, zendphp development and started as offshore outsourcing company provides ecommerce solutions.
Computer > Software | May 05, 2010

How To Choose The Right Reverse Email Search

In this day and age of technology it is becoming easier for people to make connections online. There are many positive aspects of this type of social networking and it can be very contagious and fun. There is a dark side to this type of socializing and it has become much easier to have an affair online. This may start out as innocent flirting and turn into something more sinister.
Computer > Internet | April 05, 2010

802.11n Wireless Networking

It's been years in development but from September 2009 it looks like 802.11n Wi-Fi will finally become a standard... well, an official standard anyway.
Computer > Internet | April 02, 2010

CheckMate Barcode Tracking Software Suite for Department of Defense.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Redmond - WA. - March 26, 2010 - Dynamic Systems Releases Low Cost Barcode Tracking Software Suite. Redmond, Washington/ Dynamic Systems, Inc., a Redmond, Washington software developer, specializing in data collection applications announces the release of a low cost suite of applications based on bar code technology
Computer > Software | March 28, 2010

Windows 7 Hidden Features

I've been living with Windows 7 for a good few months now and in that time have discovered a couple of little 'hidden gems' which I wanted to share with you.
Computer > Software | March 27, 2010


FLV recorder software which has been developed using the most advanced technology, the reason behind it's high-end quality.
Computer > Internet | March 27, 2010

An Overview of SharePoint and Document Generation

Document Generation, also called docgen, is an automated way of generating and distributing documents. Instead of creating documents manually, you design a template and specific information populates the template during the generation process. Document generation is the most thorough and efficient means of automating documents.
Computer > Software | March 26, 2010

Online Google Books Database

The idea of Google Books was first conceived in 2002 when a small group of Google programmers started pondering the question of how many man hours it would take to scan every single book ever written.
Computer > Internet | March 24, 2010

Online Fax - What Is An Internet or Online Fax Provider?

While online faxing has become very popular, there are still many people wondering just what exactly is an online fax provider? Just how does this new way of web faxing work? Read to find out...
Computer > Internet | March 24, 2010

Free music only media player - Spider Player

An overview of the free music only media player 'Spider Player' including features, advantages and where to get download.
Computer > Software | March 24, 2010