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2 Ways to Know Your Man's Personality

Get known your men's personality by analyzing his color choice and his thumb setting, thumb shape and phalanx length.
Dating > General | June 06, 2010

What Men Really Think About Sex

Ah men! Sometimes exasperating, irresistible and totally transparent. Or so women think. In endless conversations with our girlfriends we bemoan their ease in separating love and sex, their inability to make commitments and their lack of interest in learning how to clean the bathroom.
Dating > General | June 04, 2010

Signs that Your Man is Likely to Cheat

Remember the first time when your man was still trying to win your heart? It's as if he was capable of doing everything for you, as if he was always at your mercy. He had his eyes set only for you. He didn't have to swear about his feelings.
Dating > General | May 05, 2010

Your Man’s Lifestyle Causes Infidelity

What is his job? What's his position? How about the kind of life he leads? If his job involves interacting with clients, you can bet on him to explore new sights. In the normal course of work that brings him together with interesting, attractive women, there is the obvious possibility that he will succumb to a casual affair.
Dating > General | May 05, 2010

How to Choose Between Two Mr. Rights. Part II

Family background - If you still feel it's difficult to choose the, better guy between the two suitors, try checking their family background. And three more tips!
Dating > General | May 05, 2010

4 Things that Make Your Man Panic during Sex. Part II

You give him old-flame flashbacks - There are many things that are nice to share with your partner in bed - fantasize, back rubs, new sexual techniques - but not detailed stories about previous lovers.
Dating > General | May 05, 2010

How to Choose Between Two Mr. Rights. Part I

While some women can't get a single Mr. Right's attention out of a long line of prospective beaus, others just can't help themselves from having a headache for not knowing who to favor when two or more gorgeous gentlemen come after them.
Dating > General | May 05, 2010

4 Things that Make Your Man Panic during Sex. Part I

The two of you are playing doctor. You're kissing his Adam's apple, kneading his bread basket, when all of a sudden red lights flash, a buzzer sounds, and he bolts for the living room couch! What happened? What had gone wrong? Chances are, you've inadvertently hit his panic button!
Dating > General | May 05, 2010

Dating Guide For Men: How to Become Lovers With a Woman, not Just Friends

Have you ever done a mistake of trying to be just friends with a woman? Then you must know, how disappointing it feels to know, that you gonna NEVER be the object of her desire. You are going to be the guy she complains and whines to, instead of being the one she turns to when she wants romance and intimacy.
Dating > General | March 20, 2010

Internet Dating in Washington DC

Give it a thought: in the past decade or so dating universe has changed a lot. And so have the ways that the game is used to be played.
Dating > General | March 20, 2010