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Paying For College

College is more expensive than ever, and even middle class students are looking for ways to cut college costs and pay their fees and tuition without taking on crippling debt. From CLEP credits to full-ride scholarships, the options are there, but sometimes take effort to find.
Education > High school | November 23, 2010

Online Traffic Schools

Cash and personnel-strapped local governments all over America are offering traffic offenders the option of attending online traffic schools as an alternative to court appearances and typical in-person traffic schools. It can be expensive, but for time-starved people, it can be the perfect solution to avoiding higher insurance premiums.
Education > General | November 23, 2010

How to Look After Your Guitar

The guitar has inspired musicians for centuries, and many songwriters, performers, and music lovers would feel incomplete without their favorite guitar at their side. Caring for a guitar properly isn’t difficult, and it can add years to the useful life of a guitar.
Education > Music | November 23, 2010

Piano Online Lessons

With the world increasingly turning to the internet and high tech for its day-to-day functions, many people find it difficult to find and schedule life-enhancing learning, such as piano lessons. Piano online lessons are filling that gap wonderfully for many children and adults.
Education > Music | November 23, 2010

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is the degree of choice for business professionals, attorneys, financial analysts, and even scientists who want to maximize their career options. Today programs exist that allow full-time workers to obtain an MBA while continuing to work at their job.
Education > Professional | November 23, 2010