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Online Traffic Schools

Traffic school refers to the remedial safe driving courses that people often take in order to deal with traffic violations. In the US, traffic school is often an option for those in pre-trial diversion programs for traffic violations. The incentive for taking the traffic school class is not necessarily the cost. Such courses may cost more than the fine for the violation itself, but successfully completing traffic school is far better for the violator’s driving record. Traffic school completion will often remove or significantly reduce the effect of the traffic violation on the overall driving record and hence the effect on their car insurance premiums.

Traffic school is not offered for all traffic violations, however. In fact, a person may only be offered the option if they have not completed traffic school within a specified time period before the violation. The reason for this ruling is to keep repeat violators from abusing the system and avoiding the effects of repeated violations on their driving record.

Like countless other procedures that can now be taken care of over the internet, traffic school has gone online too. Not every state allows the option of online traffic school, and many of the states that do have a strict protocol that must be followed, but online traffic school is available to a large segment of the US population. Two states with large populations, California and Florida, consider online traffic school to be the preferred method of traffic school for violators.

Where it is available, online traffic school is extremely popular because of the time savings and flexibility it offers those with traffic violations, as well as the convenience of completing the course at home. The courses online are quite similar to traditional in-person traffic school, except the student can complete the course on his or her own time, and to some extent, at his or her own pace. Typical online traffic courses are four to eight hours long.

Online traffic school courses are specifically set up with certain security controls to prevent students from skipping through the material. These controls include random pop quizzes, use of streaming video, page timers, and security questions. There is also a final exam.

The specific requirements vary by state, and sometimes even by county within a single state. In some cases states or counties contract with online traffic schools and provide little control over how the material is presented, and in other cases there are very particular rules about how the online course is to be administered. Therefore, online traffic school in one part of the country may be completely different than in another part of the country.

Online traffic school is an attractive option for those looking to avoid DMV points being added to their driving record and the increases in car insurance premiums that can result. It will only become more popular as states cope with tight budgets and as the internet is used more widely for various functions handled by state and local governments. The option of completing traffic school online, at a convenient time, and at a convenient pace has made online traffic school a very popular choice for those with traffic violations.