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Portable Blu-ray Disc Player

The present is the time of convenience coupled with functionality and this is why portable devices are becoming highly common and in demand. This equally applies to Disc players as well. In case of DVD players, we had portable players. Now the same is also true for Blu-ray disc players, as they have also become portable.

For the people who had been looking for a portable Blu-ray Disc player, Panasonic solved the dilemma by launching DMP.B15, which was the very first portable Blu-ray Disc player of the world. The player has a WSVGA LCD screen, which is 8.9 inches. Other than this there is also Internet accessibility with the Panasonic’s Viera Cast along with BD Live functionality.

Regarding the performance of its new portable Blu-ray Disc Player, Panasonic said that the portable player has all the capabilities that its standalone counterparts like DMP-BD60, DMP-BD70V and DMP-BD80 have.

In addition, there is also the PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus in the portable Blu-ray Disc Player by Panasonic. This is actually an image processing technology through which the final image shown on the screen is much more faithful and sharp in terms of colors as compared to the conventional systems.

In the beginning of the year 2010, Panasonic revealed its plans to introduce two more portable Blu-ray Disc players. These include the DMP-B100 and the DMP-B500. While the DMP-B100 is a much simpler model having an 8.9-inch screen, the DMP-B500 is more advanced with better performance and capabilities.

The DMP-B500 possesses a 10.1-inch screen. It also offers an HDMI output. This enables the user to hook up the portable player to a High Definition TV. Hence, the portable player can be used as a regular Blu-ray disc player in this manner.

When it comes to portable Blu-ray Disc players, Panasonic seems to be ruling the market. It has established its position in the market by launching not one but two models on the portable players for this year. The simpler of the two models is the DMP-B100 which offers a 3.5 hour battery life which sounds well enough for a movie. Other than this there is also the feature of onboard decoding for audio platforms like Dolby True HD as well as DTS master audio.

There is an SD card slot in the player and the screen is adjustable so that you can position the screen on the best angle for viewing video. What distinguishes this model from the DMP-B500 is that the latter has a larger screen and it also offers built-in Wi-Fi. The portable player also offers streaming on the Panasonic’s VieraCast content portal and you can have videos on demand from Amazon, Picasa, Youtube as well as Twitter. All these features are really promising and take the meaning of a portable Blu-ray Disc player to another level.

These Blu-ray Disc players mean that you can now enjoy the best quality video not only at home with an HD TV, but also while you are on the go and you feel like having some high quality entertainment to look forward to.