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Gaming on the PS3

Before the PlayStation 3, Sony had PlayStation 2 and PlayStation. These were the gaming consoles that allowed Sony to rule the console market. When we talk about the PlayStation, the first thing that is important to mention is that it is a graphical powerhouse. It has a cell processor as well as a Nvidia graphics chip that is customized.

When we look at the PS3, we find that the console is just not a gaming console, but also provides double functionality in the form of a DVD Player along with a Blu-ray player. The PS3 offers 120GB storage as well. Relative to the previous models of the PlayStation, this model was priced less expensive by Sony. There is also more storage available with PlayStation 3. This is in the form of the PS3 250 GB.

This trimmed down; less expensive price of the PS3 by Sony was because at the same time of the release of the PS3, the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii were being introduced in the market. Through the headset, you can send voice messages to your friends with whom you’re playing a game. You can also chat with friends and send them text messages. Every player has a Trophy collection that represents his or her accomplishments as a PS3 gamer.

You can easily make friends in the PlayStation Home and check out their profiles including their Trophy collections. PlayStation Home is the virtual platform that is made for the purpose of networking for the various PS3 players. It makes it possible for many players to join a game and meet up and launch games. There are spaces on this virtual platform that have been dedicated to the most popular games. In addition, the PlayStation Home also features various mini-games that are available nowhere else.

In the PlayStation Home, you do not only get to earn rewards for your achievements, but you also have your Trophy Collection to show your domination. Other than that, there are also various events that you can attend. There are featured game parties and there are also events set up in which multiplayer games are matches are held. In addition, there are also launch parties for new PS3 games.

All this means that you stay informed about the various upcoming events as well as your favorite PS3 games. In these launch parties; you also get a chance to win prizes and also new games that have been launched. In the PlayStation store, you can get your favorite games and also many movies and TV shows of your liking. On the page of the online PS3 store, there are also lists of the top movies, TC shows and games and you can always consult these while making your purchases.

The PlayStation is not just a gaming console but offers you to become a part of a community that comprises of PS3 gamers, people who share your interest. You can make your own set of friends and get games, movies and shows and store them in the ample space that the PS3 system offers.