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The Xbox Experience

When we talk about gaming, it is important that one should get the complete extraordinary experience while gaming. This is where you can count on your Xbox, as it truly is an experience in itself. There are two kinds of consoles for Xbox offering different specifications and features.

The first is the Xbox 360 Elite, which comes with a massive hard drive. Other things that come with it include an HDMI port along with a controller that is wireless and a headset. The HDMI port is sold separately from the rest of the bundle. With this bundle of Xbox, gaming has been redefined and a new standard has been set. The Xbox elite is extremely powerful when it comes to gaming. This is because of the three processors that are in it.

The Xbox elite also supports High Definition resolution. The capacity of the hard drive in the Xbox is 120 GB and it is detachable. Other than saving their games, the gamers can also store TV shows, movies, photos, music, demos, trailers or any other items in the massive space available in the hard drive.

At the time of purchase of the Xbox Elite, two games come with it. The wireless controller that comes with the Xbox Elite has high performance features. It also provides a button for quick access to friends and music in game. The range of the controller is up to 30 feet and the battery life for the controller with 2 AA batteries is almost 30 hours. The Xbox 360 headset is a great asset during the game as it is the source that enables you to send voice messages to your friends while playing on Xbox LIVE.

The second console of the Xbox that is available is the Xbox 360 Arcade. The package contains two games that are premium hits. This means that you can start gaming as soon as you open the box. The console is an essential if you are looking for the best entertainment and gaming experience. In addition, there are also Family Settings feature available that allows parents to restrict various games for the young children in their house. With the help of HDMI output, you can also experience high definition.

The Xbox 360 Arcade has 256MB of internal storage available. This allows you to store photos, music, games, trailers and other content directly from Xbox LIVE. There is also a composite A/V cable available with the console. You can use this cable for enjoying the game on the standard-definition TV. You can also use the included stereo connection for playing high quality audio. For digital sound, you also have the option of using the optical audio port.

With the Xbox Elite, you also have the option of streaming movies on trial from Netflix. In addition to the accessories that you get while purchasing Xbox, you can also get other accessories by choosing those of your choice from the extensive catalogue that Xbox offers on the website. Hence, you can keep on enhancing your gaming experience.