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Food & Beverages: Wine

Organic wines are my favorites

Organic wines amuse me so much that I am now doing a research on how they taste with different foods. In this article you will find about an organic wine coming from the Piedmont region of north-west Italy. Go through it for proper recommendations.
Food & Beverages > Wine | March 28, 2010

Weekly review to $10 wines – A Sauvignon Blanc from Australia

This wine lover will publish a review on $10 (or cheaper) bottle of wine every week. How it pairs with foods or cheese, where lies its origin, what is the grape variety etc. Check out for reliable opinion and information. Go, enjoy.
Food & Beverages > Wine | March 26, 2010

Weekly wine review by a wine lover – A Cabernet Sauvignon from South Africa

Cheer up, the wine season’s coming. Keep your rack ready. Every week a new variety of wine will be uncovered with its every single detail including what to taste it with. You will get to know about the grape variety and the winery as well.
Food & Beverages > Wine | March 23, 2010