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Getting a Flat Stomach

As soon as you begin to do three simple things, you will be able to get a flat stomach very fast. I spent a long time finding out these 3 things and so you will benefit from my experience if you follow the way that I managed to lose my stomach fat.

The first and most important step is to begin eating the right diet, packed with the right kind of nutrition for burning bodyfat. This is critical, because if you just run off to the gym and start working out like a mad man, you might not get the benefits you thought you'd get without the right nutrition.

So make sure that you design a low fat, low carb diet which includes some of the best fat burning foods, like watermelon and okra. Once this is set in place you can begin step 2.

This is when you start doing some cardio work. I love cardio because (when it's done right) it burns fat like nothing else. But rather then just doing standard cardio like everyone else, you should do Interval training as you'll get better results faster. An example of this type of training would go like this...

You'd start off jogging at a slow pace for a couple of minutes. The reason you do this is to get the blood flowing in your muscles and warming you up for the next stage. Then suddenly you'd just burst into a full out sprint for a full minute before slowing right up to a calm pace. This should then be repeated until you are really sweating.

This works really well because of the intensity of the exercise. You can lose more belly fat inside of 1 minute of very high intensity training, then people do in hours of slow easy cardio. So really push yourself!

By doing these things you will begin to see some fat loss on your stomach right away. It will begin to flatten out and look much better. But when you add the third and final step, you'll not only get a flat stomach, but also some really great looking muscle tone.

So the abdominal exercises that I recommend, are leg raises and sit ups for exercising both your upper and lower abs. And Russian twists for giving you a full stomach workout.

By sticking to the three factors that I've just gone over, you will be able to get rid of your fat fast. If you consistently focus on those three things, you will begin to lose belly fat at an alarming rate.

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