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Amazing Futuristic Home Appliances

Sure, it’s a hassle when a home appliance wears out or malfunctions beyond repair, but when that happens you can look upon the situation as an opportunity to replace it with something more technologically advanced and / or something that is more energy efficient. Quite often these two characteristics go together. Here are three of the most amazing new home appliances available.

The Equator 375 Refrigerator is a European design refrigerator with the fresh food section located above the freezer. The fresh food and freezer compartments have separate compressors and controls. The cooling tubes and condenser are built into the refrigerator’s walls, and the back is sealed up so you don’t get dust collecting on the working parts and ensuring very quiet operation. Though this unit is taller and narrower than a typical American refrigerator, it’s designed to make the most of the cubic footage available, and owners love the way it looks and how quietly it operates. It uses on average (depending on the cost per kilowatt hour) only about $50 a year in electricity.

The AO Smith Vertex 100 Water Heater is a very compact natural gas water heater that supplies high volumes of hot water while saving energy. It is designed to have 96% thermal efficiency, which is an extremely high number – much better than other gas-powered residential hot water heaters available today. The way it does this is with a top-fired burner and helical (corkscrew shaped) heat exchanger inside. Hot gases are forced through the heat exchanger while the helical design holds the gases in longer, heating the water more efficiently. The gas burner itself is designed to reduce nitrous oxide emissions. This water heater takes up about the same space as a traditional water heater and uses PVC pipe for the exhaust and the combustion air and requires no special construction on your house, so it’s easy to install. It also comes with an LCD showing water temperature and performance history.


The Bosch Evolution 800 dishwasher is a high tech dishwasher that quietly cleans while saving water, saving detergent, holding lots of dishes in a flexible configuration, and disinfecting dishes during the cycle. High tech dishwashers like this one are more expensive than traditional dishwashers. This one can be found online at prices ranging from about $850 to $1,100, which is actually cheaper than other high tech dishwashers in its class. Users love that you don’t have to do any prewashing (just scraping) to get totally clean dishes from this machine. Currently it is the quietest and most energy efficient dishwasher available in the United States, reducing dishwasher energy consumption by 20 to 25%.

If you are faced with replacing home appliances, take the time to search out models that are highly energy efficient. Even if they cost more up front, they can continually save you money through lower energy bills, and they’ll lower the carbon footprint of your home. In the United States, you can look for appliances that have the Energy Star label, and in Europe, you can choose appliances that are rated Class A or better to maximize your household’s energy efficiency.