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House & Home: Outdoors

Living Outdoors without Roughing It

Outdoor living can take place half the year or more in some climates, and spending time on our patios and in our back yards is a way of expanding our home’s usable space without having to build on to the original structure. A well-designed outdoor space can add greatly to the enjoyment of your home.
House & Home > Outdoors | January 07, 2011

Bio-pesticide approval ' the future's slow to arrive in the EU

The demand for organic, natural healthy produce is growing year by year. Food security and land degradation problems are also increasing. A newly developing range of low-chem, biopesticides, biofungicides and growth enhancers could provide solutions, yet it can take up to six years to get such products licensed in the EU far longer than in the US. Consumers and farmers need action.
House & Home > Outdoors | March 28, 2010

How To Design Outside Spaces for Your Patio Furniture

More and more people are thinking outside the confines of walls and rooms to designing an outside living space.Here is your easy how to guide to designing the best outdoor space for your patio furniture. Use these tips to create an outdoor living environment that you will love.
House & Home > Outdoors | March 20, 2010

Outdoor Wedding Venue in Santa Monica CA

This article describes a new outdoor wedding venue in Santa Monica Ca as well as provides a few tips to wedding planning on a budget.
House & Home > Outdoors | March 20, 2010