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Cash Advance Loan - Short term solution to your cash problem

Individuals, who need immediate fund for their short term emergencies can now get it with the cash advance loan. The fiscal assistance available with instant advance is between $50 and $1500.
Money > Credits & Dept | April 07, 2010

Get to Know Prepaid Debit Cards More

Before getting a prepaid debit card, here is an article that will discuss this type of card and how it can help you avoid over-spending.
Money > Financial Planning | March 29, 2010

UK Tax Planning Ideas

Small business owners and individuals can always benefit from some simple tax planning ideas before the end of the current tax year 2009-2010 which ends on the 5th April 2010.
Money > Financial Planning | March 28, 2010

Money Is: Power? Happiness?

After the need to survive the most pervasive force in the human psyche is the drive to gain power. We want to be in control, we want to be in charge - we want to be powerful. Most people believe money is the means to that end - money is power. Yearning for money is misguided motive. Life is experience, and what we ultimately desire is happiness. Money really isn't what we need.
Money > General | March 27, 2010

Payday Loan Advances - How To Get Them And Where They Came From

More than ever people are using payday loan advances as a way to sort out urgent bills and deal with financial emergencies. Especially these days with traditional credit being so limited they have become an important service. They originated in America but are now in many countries. Find out how you can qualify for them and about their history and background.
Money > Credits & Dept | March 27, 2010

Where has all the Money Gone?

Ever wonder where all the money goes? We get paid and it seems within days, we have empty pockets. So, where does all the money go? Well, that's a question that only you can answer.
Money > Credits & Dept | March 26, 2010

What's Your Credit Type?

Really, there are only two types of credit: good, and bad. Which type describes you and your financial situation? If your credit is out of control, there are ways to recover and move yourself from a bad credit risk to someone any banker will be glad to see.
Money > Credits & Dept | March 26, 2010

Debit Cards and Debit Card Fraud

There are recent reports that debit card fraud is growing at more than double the rate of credit card fraud. If you are an avid debit card user, perhaps some of these tips can help keep you protected.
Money > Credits & Dept | March 26, 2010

Bad Debt Blues

Let's face it. Bad debt makes you feel bad. No matter how much you try and ignore it, pretend you don't have it, or that some miracle is going to make it go away for you, bad debt wears you down. With a few simple guidelines, you can pay down those debts, and start feeling a whole lot better about yourself and your life.
Money > Credits & Dept | March 26, 2010

The New Credit Card Rules

If you have not yet heard, February 22 (2010) finalized the practice of the new consumer-friendly credit card rules. You're probably wondering what this means to you as a consumer.
Money > Credits & Dept | March 26, 2010