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Get Your Woman Back - How Do You Get Her to Come Back to YOU?

It's a nasty thing that you have to go through right now. Your woman has left you and you feel like you might never get her back. For many guys, this is where the trail ends, as they never figure out what tricks they can use to make her want to come back. If you want to get back your woman, and you want to know how to make her want to come back to you, then pay attention. Your ex-girlfriend may not be feeling you right at the moment, but that is not to say she is going to feel that way forever. Just like you probably have days where you don't want to see her again, she is going through the same ups and downs as you are. So, all is not lost. You can discover a few simple tricks that should help to get your woman back. Here are a few tips to get her back that you may want to use to get her to want to come back to you: 1. Give her time to be alone. One of the quickest ways to lose your girlfriend is to start calling her all of the time or showing up on her doorstep, expecting that she will drop everything to listen to you beg her and plead for her to take you back. Give her some time to be alone and she will respect that you gave her space when she needed it. 2. Make her think about you again. You can achieve this by flirting with her and just generally acting like you did when you first met her. When you are around her, your focus should not be on trying to talk about getting back together, it should be on winning her over so that she does want to get back with you. 3. Understand that women respond much differently than men do in love and relationship situations. Some of the things that you are going to have POP into your head that you would assume would make her want to come back to you, are not going to work because you are thinking like a MAN. Why not, you are a man? but, your ex-girlfriend is not, so the things that would make you want to get back with her are not necessarily going to work to bring her back. You have to do and use tricks that will work on a woman, not on a man.

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