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Eye Contact Attraction - Windows to a Woman's Soul

There is no denying that making eye contact can be a very powerful form of communication between two people. When a man and a woman lock eyes, there is a distinct charge of electricity flowing between the two f them, and the feeling can be very intense. The force of eye contact can make a man feel filled with passion, but how can a man make a woman feel the same way?

What should you do in terms of eye contact to get a woman hooked on you? You may never have given much thought to the idea of using eye contact to create an attraction and a sense of “electricity” with a woman, but perhaps you should reconsider. The eyes are like windows into a woman’s soul, and if you learn to use eye contact in certain ways, you will be able to attract women with ease. But how do you do this? How can you use eye contact to get a woman to feel genuine attraction to you?

1. As soon as you and a woman lock eyes, don’t avert your gaze until you are absolutely sure that she is noticing you. If you look away, you risk appearing intimidated by the power of her gaze, so try to hold your eye contact rather than looking away. On the other hand, you don’t want to just creepily stare at her either, so looking away for a brief second may be a good tactic.

2. By briefly averting your gaze after you’ve established that she is indeed looking at you, you will make her wonder about you. She will automatically become curious about what you are thinking as you look away. But as long as you only glance away briefly and then return your eye contact, it turns into a sort of game – will she smile first?

3. Once you’ve looked at a woman for a few moments, approach her with your eyes still making eye contact. Eye contact creates a feeling of intimacy, and your approach will intensify that effect.

4. When you are within speaking distance of the woman with whom you are locking eyes, you should make a remark about her eyes. You might comment on the color of her eyes, or how they are playful or seductive. Using non-cliched descriptions like these will make it seem less like a pickup line and will increase the sense of intimacy between the two of you.