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How to Get a Girlfriend Back After a Breakup - Things You NEED to Do to Get Her Back

How to get a girlfriend back after a breakup is one of those questions that almost every guy seems to have and almost none seem to come up with the right answer for it. The reasons for this are pretty simple. When you have just broken up with your girlfriend, you are in no way going to be thinking clearly or acting with a level head. And this is one of those times where you NEED to have a level head if you really want to get her back.

When you get dumped by your girlfriend, it hurts. There is no way to say it more plainly and there is no use in beating around the bush about it. As guys, we try and cover up that pain and that hurt, but when it does seep out, it usually happens at the WORST times.

Here's what you need to do if you want to get her back after a breakup:

1. Do NOT immediately try to reconcile with her.

Give it at least some time, a few days, maybe a week before you even approach her about getting back together. You think that by waiting it's going to make it harder for you, but it's not. When you give it some time, you have a much better chance at getting her back. You have a cooler head and so does she.

2. Whatever you do, don't indulge in the sadness.

When a guy and his girlfriend breaks up, for some reason, it is like he is inclined to wallow in pity and sadness. Usually you will find the first sad love song that you can and listen to it over and over. This is only going to hurt your chances of getting her back, because it is going to make you feel WORSE about things.

3. Resist the urge to 'buy' her back.

A lot of guys will go out, hit the florist shop and drop a hundred bucks on the most lavish flowers that they can find and hope that this will win her back. Or, they might go to the jewelry store and pull out the credit card and get a nice necklace or something to get her back. Trying to buy back your ex-girlfriend is not going to work and it's only going to leave you poorer in the end.

4. Follow a plan that is well designed to get her back.

Yes, today we live in an information age and there is plenty of helpful hints and advice out there regarding relationships and breakups. However, if you want to know how to get your girlfriend back after a breakup, then you need to have a well designed plan that works with her female psychology to make her want to come back to YOU!

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