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Get My Ex-Girlfriend Back Fast - Why She is Hesitant to Come Back to YOU

Trying to understand what your ex-girlfriend is thinking right now can seem like one of the hardest things to do. Men and women can be so very different in the ways that they think about and feel about relationships, that it can be almost impossible for a man to know what his ex-girlfriend is thinking. Of course, if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back fast, then knowing what is on her mind is going to help you out A LOT.

So, why is your ex-girlfriend so hesitant to come back to YOU?

Here are some common reasons why a woman will not come back to her ex-boyfriend:

1. You treated her poorly and she has finally gained the self respect to leave.

If this is the case, if you mistreated her for too long and she finally decided to leave, then you probably should just let her go and get on with it. Take it as a lesson learned for the next relationship that you will be in. Never take her for granted for too long and never mistreat her.

2. There were some pretty disagreements that led to constant quibbling and bickering.

When you see a couple getting into these little fights all of the time, it can be easy to say that they should just break up. However, a lot of couples that end up getting married and being happy together do start out this way. It's not easy to have to suddenly think about another person all of the time. This kind of separation can be pretty easy to reconcile when you know what you are doing.

3. You cheated on her.

Now, this is where they get the saying that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. While I do not condone cheating, it's not always a make or break incident in a relationship. Sure, when your girlfriend first finds out, she will be mad like you have never seen before. And she will probably say that it is over. However, I have seen way too many times in my life where this situation calms down and the woman still wants to be with her man. So, don't do it again, but do not think that it is impossible to get her back after you cheated on her.

In most situations,  you can find a way to get your girlfriend back fast,  as long as you use the right approach to attract her back.

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