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Santander UK concedes Race Discrimination

In a legal case that highlights the huge risks facing businesses that act unlawfully, Santander UK (formerly known as Abbey National) appears to have conceded that it did racially discriminate against a former employee. Santander UK now appears to be focusing on damage limitation; it appears to be fighting a rearguard action against the record-breaking £2.8m compensation order made against it.
Politics > General | March 26, 2010

Proposed Workman Budget From Labour

It has been reported that the forthcoming budget on Wednesday 24th March 2010 is a workman like budget and has been somewhat influenced by Lord Mandleson.
Politics > General | March 23, 2010

The 3 Steps to Fix American Healthcare

Political leaders and the American public realize we have to do something about our healthcare system. The political solution currently being discussed is to pump more revenue into the system. That is the wrong answer. Find out what really must to done to reform American healthcare.
Politics > General | March 22, 2010

America in a Hole? Stop Digging!

America has dug itself quite a hole. It is time to stop digging and take bold, decisive action to get growing again. Read the specific steps required to right the failing system now.
Politics > General | March 21, 2010

Apply For A Government Grant

Sometimes the process of applying for a government grant can seem overwhelming. There are numerous grants available to the public and finding the right one to fit your interest can be time consuming. There are many forms to fill out and the writing of the application can be daunting.
Politics > General | March 20, 2010

An Economy Over the Edge, Now What?

Despite a market rally and record corporate profitability the economic freefall continues. Stuborn unemployment, increasing government debt, and the continuation of the financial sector's creativity point to trouble ahead. Politicians and business leaders seek their own fortunes in the crisis. It is time for "the people" to set things right.
Politics > General | March 20, 2010

So, If I Attend a Tea Party With Sarah Palin, I Will Become an Ignorant, Bigoted, Racist?

Political writer, blogger and new media producer Bob Cesca has some strong feelings about people who participate in the current "tea party" protests against encouraging a bigger, more controlling government for the United States of America. I disagree, and here is why.
Politics > General | March 19, 2010