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Apple iPad review

Apple iPad is another killer product from Apple Corporation. More than a product, it is an idea, a potential to conquer the electronic world in one handset. Before it was introduced in the market, it had many names under it some called the slate, Apple tablet. From the last 10 years, it was in the speculation, but now it is a reality to show the world what Apple can produce.
Technology > General | June 16, 2010

What is an iPad and what's the price?

A lot of people were left wondering what an actual iPad is, as images left them with the impression that it was just another touch screen phone. Though it might be highly similar, the first thing that can help you make an enormous difference is the size. It is actually more likely to be compared to a laptop than it is a hone as it can offer almost all of the possibilities a laptop does.
Technology > General | May 29, 2010

iPad and Why it Does not Have Flash?

The lack of Flash support was the first thing everybody noticed when Apple launched the new iPad on the market. However there have been other quality innovations that made it quite appreciated as a lot of buyers were very impressed by what it had to offer. New technology is usually expected to be better than what people can already buy on the market.
Technology > General | May 29, 2010

All about iPad Industrial Design

People had different reactions when it comes to the iPad’s design. Most of them thought it to be weird as it looked just like a larger iPhone or iTouch. They soon discovered however that it was just a matter of getting used to it. Any new product has the same effect on people, especially is it comes up with some thing different.
Technology > General | May 29, 2010

Let's Talk About Tech Toys

In the era, where every third person standing next to you holds one of the latest gadgets and plays with them, tech toys have become a part of life for many people who feel really hard to apart from them.
Technology > General | May 29, 2010