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European destinations for the 2010 summer

Côte d'Azur

Côte d'Azur is a place full of boulevards with palm trees at the seaside, many luxury hotels and at low costs as well if you are looking carefully, villas and yachts which shows the real and the splendid destination.

Spring and autumn are the only seasons most enjoyable here, and in May it is best, when the light breeze blows softly and the sun is not too fiery. Due to the great number of cultural events held there, Côte d'Azur is visited by millions of tourists annually.


France is a country that couldn't be out of fashion for anyone. Every time a tourist gets something special is going to be offered to him. Why? Because this country has everything for everyone: gourmet, art fans, people who prefer nightly entertainment, business people or even families. The "Grand Voyage" agency is ready to offer you trip in groups as well as individual programs, depending on every tourist's interest.

The "Classic Paris" trip takes you on the streets of the city through the district of the 21st century Defance, through the Fragonar Perfume Museum or through Montmarte and the Louvre museum.

"Paris and the Royal Palaces" is a trip during you can see the palaces of Paris such as Chenonso, Ambuaz,Chanty or Chambre. The Chanty palace is the most interesting because it is located in northern Paris on an small island of a lake. Here is the Living Museum of the Horses too.

Maldives Island

Maldives islands are dominating the rest quietly, the calm and relaxation too, so that's why active people feel like "captive" on these lands, as well as the small number of objects that tourists can visit has the chance to disappoint him. However, couples and just married young are going to be entirely satisfied with the nature's beauty and the high quality of services offered around.

Even if the Maldives Inslands are visited only by those who want to sunbathe, they can also visit the city of Male, the smallest capital in the world with an area of 2 square kilometers. Here can be visited the National Museum, the tomb of the national hero which contrasts strongly with the withdrawn islands which are not very inhabited. But there is one more opportunity to do this trip: while flying with a hydro-plane.