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Holidays in Europe

If you are tired of traditional holidays and want to try something different,then you must need a new tourist destination and find a travel agency on your tastes.

The thermal Bath, England

This location appeared in a few English stories, but many people don't know about the existence of this small and fantastic city. In way to Stonehenge, Cardiff, the small and old Roman city hosts the greatest number of thermal baths and spa in the whole Europe. Besides the numerous water sources and welcoming parks, the city shelters a secret belonging to the architecture, that the majority of buildings and houses are made of local stone, so that the newest building has an aspect of an old one.

Asturias, Spain

Asturias is situated in Spain and it is a region into the mountains between Cantabria and Galicia. It is known for its green views, a welcoming nature and a very friendly too situated just a few miles away from the top of the mountains and the Cantabrian coast.

Meteora rocks

The Meteora complex is situated in northeastern Greece, at the edge of the Pindus Mountains, with its monasteries scattered on the huge stone pillars. Someday, this place was a sort of refuge for the hermit people, and today a prayer and reconciliation dwelling for monks and nuns. A paved road among giants of stone allows you to travel on a holy land, with wonderful landscapes of monasteries which just seem like hanging in the air.

Bones Church,  Czech Republic

Kunta Hora is a medieval town known for its rich architecture and a history full of troubleas, but also known as the Kostnice. There are only three main attractions of the city which are interesting and unusual enough to impress every visitor. They are Santa Barbara Church, the Italian Court, and the terryfing Church of Bones.

The interior of the churis decorated with human bones, of people who have died for centuries due to mortal diseases or because of the war, in different forms and ways.

Gullfloss Waterfalls, Iceland

Here tourists have the opportunity to see the largest waterfall in Europe, a sight that should not be missed. The best and the most interesting thing in the land of ice (Iceland) is that all the interesting places and locations are situated outside the paths and ways. It means that there are a lot of new places and things waiting to be discovered and explored.