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London Attractions


London is the european city with the most beautiful museums and galleries surrounding. The city itself is a museum too. It has over 2000 years of culture and history and more than one hundred museums. The pearl of the cultures is the British Museum, whose galleries stretch on a 4 km distance and includes over four million exhibits. The museum's collections vary from the egyptian to the classic ones with Anglo-Saxon, Chinese, Indian, Mesopotamian origins.

The Victoria & Albert Museum is the museum that offers you different types of art; decorative arts including pieces of furniture, paintings, sculptures, clothes and jewelry too.

Not so far away, there is the Natural Science Museum. It includes several species of dinosaurs and a good part of history and medicine.

The National Gallery in the Trafalgar Square disposes of the first collection of British art, containing the pieces of the biggest european art schools.

Alongside you will see the National Gallery of Portraits of renowned as well as less known british people. The Tate Gallery keeps the main collections of British art and the international modern one.

Other museums of specializations are the National Army Museum, Theater Museum, Dynamic Image Museum and so on.


Several cultural events take place every year in London and show to the people a great interest in art. The most renowned classical music celebration is Henry Wood Promenade Concerts which takes place in the Royal Albert Hall. It starts in July and ends in September. It is a tradition of London for hundreds of years.

The London Film Festival is held in November and it shows the best contemporary films in the entire world.

Also, the biggest street party in Europe, the Notting Hill Carnival takes place at the end of the summer in Notting Hill, which is in West London. It is a celebration of Carribean culture, particularly the music and dance, but also the customes and food. Just go through the streets on the back of lorries and there are magnificent floats carrying people in exotic Carribean costumes.


Among the buildings in London you can find lots of green spaces such as the Hyde Park, the largest in central London. The Serpentine Lake is separating Hyde Park from the Kensington Gardens. These two were designed for swimming and boat races. In the east part of them, there are another parks, the Royal Park, Green Park and St. James Park providing a great green expanse that will end close to the Westminster Cathedral.