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Louvre, Paris

The Louvre Museum is the largest parisian museum and among some of the most renowned museums in the world. The building is an ex royal palace situated in the heart of Paris city between the right side of river Seine and Rue de Rivoli. Its main court is situated on the Champs-Elysees axe.

At first, the Louvre was a medieval fortress, around the 2th century, after then has become the royal residence under the reign of Charles V, in 1365. Soon after it, the museum was modernized by Francis I in 1546, following Renaissance tastes. Throughout centuries the building was expanded, destroyed or maybe turned into something else under the reigns of Henry IV, Louis XIII and XIV, Napoleon I and the third. Its design is still keeping the architectural styles for 8 hundred years of history.

The museum itself was inaugurated at the end of the 17th century, during the French Revolution. But the idea of being opened was conceived much earlier, 40 years ago, by Lafont de Saint-Etienne. He was the person who attacked the privacy of the royal collections, suggesting that these art works should be accessible to the public in the main gallery of the museum.

The Louvre has almost 15,000 visitors each day and 65 percent of them are tourists and new comers. Even if there are a lot of people who ask about the DaVinci Code book and film scenes, it is not so bad to know that the museum has gathered almost 2.5 million dollars for allowing the team to film inside the museum.

Beside the famous Mona Lisa, with her mysterious smile, which between can be seen among the Italian paintings, tourists can admire the statue of Venus de Milo too.

Nowadays, the Museum houses the history of Western world art starting with the Middle Ages, until the 19th century, among ancient civilizations which have inspired the western culture.

The museum is divided into 7 different sections. Three of them are ancient(oriental, egyptian, greek, etruscan and roman) and the other 4 are modern and consist of sculpture, painting, art and graffic.