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Top 5 attractions in London

The Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey was built upon an old island, the Thorney Island which someday was flanked by the Tyburn River's channels.

Every pillar of this hall stands on the resting place of those who have built Britain. The amazing Gothic hall plays an important part in the kingdom formation.

The Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace in London is known to be the official residence of the Queen as well the monarchy's headquarters of administration. It is located in Saint James Park in the district of Westminster. Close to the palace is situated the Victoria Station, towards south. On the opposite side there is the Green Park and the Hyde Park Corner which are also close to the palace.

The St Paul’s Cathedral

The St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by the Sir Christopher Wren architect, becoming an amazing elegance of masterpiece finished in 1710. Its dome is one of most famous and largest in the world, precisely the 3rd in the world, having around 111 metres height.

Many times, at this cathedral, took place important national events such as the Lord Nelson's funerals, Sir Winston Churchill and here too, the Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is also called the heart of London. Foundations of the building are dating for 900 years and every brick added to the old construction will tell you a story.

This place is a popular and tourist attraction built by William the Conquerer in the 11th century. The Tower of London was considered to be a fortress, a palace and a prison in the same time.

British Museum

Visiting the British Museum shouldn't be a bad idea if you want to travel through time and space. This visit will hold you hours of artifacts thatwill catch you eyes from the nicest civilizations of the entire world.

It is a large and a very important human history related museum all around the world. The museum was built in the 17th century by Sir Hans Sloane, allowing people to see his private and great collection of objects which worth 20,000 pounds. However, the first gallery of exhibition that took place at the museum was opened in Montagu House, 1759.